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Improve operating costs and building performance with commercial HVAC services.

As building infrastructures age, new costs and complexities arise. Whether that’s a result of costly deferred maintenance issues or the increased complexity of new systems, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and piping constitute a major source of expenditure. Ƶ is a national HVAC company with brand-agnostic expertise and the capacity to protect your assets, reduce capital expenditures, and realize energy savings. We provide the commercial heating and cooling solutions to keep your systems running efficiently, effectively, safely, and sustainably, so you can boost the performance of your facility and everyone who works inside.

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HVAC & Mechanical Services Benefits

Keep your employees and customers comfortable.

Building Automation Systems

Control every variable with a facility management and building automation system uniquely built for your business. Ƶ takes a holistic, vendor-neutral approach that engages turnkey solutions, real-time data, and open protocols to install, integrate, maintain, and upgrade your equipment, controls, and operations.

Preventative Testing

Whether you manage single units or high-volume utility plants, Ƶ engineers solutions from installation through management to help you sustain efficient cooling and minimal downtime. We pair knowledge of operational tolerances with extensive field experience, always-on account management, and a scope of services including chiller system analysis and plumbing, preventative testing, and energy assessments to keep your chiller maintained for maximum ROI.


Verify and protect the performance of your HVAC equipment and integrated systems. Ƶ performs thorough testing to verify the efficiency of your system. Our expert teams benchmark energy data, calibrate settings, and measure key metrics to extend the life and efficiency of your equipment and help you lock in profitability.


Ƶ is the right team for your commercial and industrial HVAC installation and replacement. We work with every brand, so the custom solution installed is the one that’s right for your business and budget. Our data-driven approach ensures your airflow and controls meet the needs of your facility and your people. And because we staff your team of experts, you can know that the Ƶ people caring for your system will protect your investment and sustainability goals.


Lock in productivity gains, compliance, workplace safety, and cost benefits with preventive HVAC maintenance. Ƶ knows the power of predictive, preventive maintenance. With every customized, guaranteed plan, our clients benefit from parts, emergency repairs, and replacements if needed. You’ll gain a healthier, more productive environment you don’t have to worry about.

Plumbing & Piping

Reduce costs and project cycles with a single source for HVAC system design, installation, and project expertise. Ƶ has the resources to maintain plumbing and boiler piping for chilled water mains, cooling towers, utility plants, and all HVAC systems. From custom fabrication to planned and emergency repair and replacement services, Ƶ supports the total efficiency of your HVAC system.

Repairs & Retrofits

There’s never a good time for your HVAC system to break down. Ƶ preventive maintenance and customized, brand-agnostic solutions keep your systems working at peak performance. And with experienced local teams across the U.S., we provide 24/7 emergency service to get you working again quickly. We’re your support whether you operate a high-volume chiller, a mission critical cooling system, or any system in between.

Test & Balance

Whether you are meeting company standards, working to maximize the ROI of your facility investment, striving to extend the life of your systems, or satisfying compliance, HVAC testing and balancing are critical to your success. Certified, experienced Ƶ technicians test for quality, adjust for efficiency, and balance cost and energy spend to ensure your equipment works optimally. The result is better indoor air quality, cost savings, comfort, and productivity.

National Accounts

The localized service and centralized support of our National Accounts program help you scale up profitability. A single point of contact oversees your entire portfolio of services, improving communication, reporting, and accountability.


You can manage work orders, reporting, and inspections with our customizable web-based client portal. Our National Accounts program provides real-time visibility into your performance tracking, labor, invoicing, and cost savings. Our 24/7 call center facilitates your service and maintenance with one point of contact, one invoice, and one contract.


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