Facility Services for Local Governments

Reduce fiscal liabilities and build a healthier future for your citizens.

In the face of shrinking budgets and growing demands, keeping the local government facilities attractive and comfortable may seem like a secondary priority. But the condition of your community infrastructure sends a message to businesses, investors, and your citizens. Ƶ understands the constraints you face and helps you implement affordable and sustainable facility maintenance solutions. Through public-private partnerships or other integrated services, we help leaders protect their tenants and customers from fiscal liabilities and keep public assets from parking to landscaping efficiently managed.

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Case Study
City of Oakland’s Energy Management Creates 55% Greater Efficiency at Parking Facility

How a parking garage management company supported an ambitious Energy & Climate Action plan by transforming an antiquated parking garage into an energy efficient facility...

Case Study

Case Study
Energy Management Creates Guaranteed Savings of $2.5 Million for the City of Harrisonburg, VA

The city improved working conditions in public buildings by partnering with Ƶ for HVAC commissioning and energy management measures at no burden to taxpayers....

Case Study

Case Study
Energy Management Saves 75% for Bay Area Rapid Transit

How Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) succeeded with the first total system upgrade in 15 years, resulting in better safety, security, and energy savings of...

Case Study