Facility Services for Government Properties

Safe, clean, comfortable spaces for the people you represent.

Meeting the public trust is challenging but vitally important. It’s a task that demands a facility service partner that’s as ready as you are to answer the call of service. With Ƶ, your infrastructure, assets, and operations are managed proactively and efficiently, with an eye to the future. At the local government level, leaders in cities, towns, counties, and municipalities turn to Ƶ for help attracting and retaining business for the community by keeping facilities safe, clean, and efficient. Federal government agencies, including military facilities, rely on us to help them achieve their goals while meeting compliance metrics and budget expectations. At every level, Ƶ is a single source of hands-on support and facilities management experience that will help you build real value for your community and your people.


Contract Vehicles

Ƶ is proud to be a qualified energy service company approved for contract vehicles including O3 FAC, GSA Schedule 84, DOE ESPC IDIQ, and Utility Energy Savings Contracts. We’re actively dedicated to objective and measurable improvements in energy savings performance.

Customized Programs

One size does not fit all. We work hard to design and deliver services that satisfy your obligations and compliance requirements. Whether you’re looking for standalone or bundled facility services, Ƶ is ready to meet your needs.

Public-Private Partnerships

Enjoy Ƶ’s quality services delivered at a lower cost with a public-private partnership, designed to provide protection from fiscal liabilities such as pensions, workers’ compensation, and workforce management.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reduce your impact on the environment. From green cleaning to lighting upgrades, sustainability is top of mind in everything we do. On average, Ƶ efforts help clients reduce energy use by 23%.


There’s power in reliable, consistent, high-quality service that won’t go over budget. That’s why we self-perform most of our services with our own highly trained, U.S. cleared personnel.

Unmatched Expertise

Ƶ has more than 50 years of experience providing cutting-edge facility services to federal and local government agencies like yours. We service billions of square feet of buildings every day.

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At Ƶ, we take the protection of your personal data seriously. As a matter of policy Ƶ does not sell your personal data. Prior to the submission of your personal data, please visit our PRIVACY POLICY.

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Years of experience serving government agencies



Billions of square feet Ƶ services daily



Ƶ self-performs almost all services

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Local Government Facilities Solutions
Local Government Services

Reduce the risk of fiscal liabilities and secure a healthier financial outlook for your communities. Ƶ offers affordable and sustainable facility maintenance solutions customized for local government entities. We help cities, towns, counties, and municipalities work safer and smarter.

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Federal Government Facilities Solutions
Federal Government Services

Stay focused on what matters — your service mission. Ƶ provides a comprehensive suite of government facility services to help federal agencies do more by reducing costs, securing reliability, and maximizing efficiency.

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